ZEsarUX beta 30 Octubre 2017

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ZEsarUX beta 30 Octubre 2017

Mensajepor chernandezba » 30 Oct 2017 20:27


He subido una nueva versión beta de ZEsarUX. Esta es una versión Release Candidate, pues la siguiente versión que suba será la estable 6.0... si, 6.0, no 5.1, porque tiene un montón de cambios ;)

Puedes descargarla de la url beta habitual:
https://sourceforge.net/projects/zesaru ... _versions/

Cambios desde la última beta:

Added quicksave function
Added TBBlue features: 2 MB RAM, new 8kb block MMU, 9-bit palette, lores mode, layer priorities, partial Next Z80 opcodes (see extras/docs/tbblue/new_opcodes.txt to know which are emulated)
Added Antonio Villena's "Kartusho" cartridge interface
Added setting to allow to load a .sna snapshot file without changing the current machine type

Improved menu interface:
*menu gui is zoomed when running following machines: QL, TSConf, CPC, Prism, Sam

Improved debugger:
*now you can repeat last command by pressing enter on ZRCP (requires enabling a debug-setting)

Improved Visual Mem:
*showing also read memory and opcode execution visual mem
*it has a counter (0-255) to see how many times an address has been read/executed
*menu draws different values as red tones, with a configurable bright

Fixed Windows freeze issues when doing cpu-step on ZRCP
Updated TBBlue boot loader

Puedes ver el Changelog completo de esta versión 6.0 aquí:
https://sourceforge.net/p/zesarux/code/ ... /Changelog


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