Listado de juegos en modo 128

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Listado de juegos en modo 128

Mensajepor carlosjuliopr » 16 Abr 2014 06:37

Buscando por internet encontre este listado, supuestamente "completo" de todos los juegos disponibles en modo 128 nativo, me parece muy interesante el ver si podria ser posible conseguir imagenes .d64 (o mejor aun .d71) de estos juegos para su preservacion, muchos de estos juegos no aparecen preservados en internet, alguien puede corroborar esta lista? o aportar mas juegos a la misma?. es muy lamentable que no se produjo tanto juego para el modo 128 de este gran ordenador.

Commercial games (80 columns)

A Mind Forever Voyaging (Infocom)
- text adventure, C128 only
Beyond Zork (Infocom)
- text adventure, C128 only
Border Zone (Infocom)
- text adventure, runs in both C64 and C128 mode
Bureaucracy (Infocom)
- text adventure, C128 only
- ... ucracy.htm
Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy, The (Solid Gold) (Infocom)
- text adventure, runs in both C64 and C128 mode
Leather Goddesses of Phobos (Solid Gold) (Infocom)
- text adventure, runs in both C64 and C128 mode
Nord and Bert Couldnt Make Head Nor Tail Of It (Infocom)
- text adventure, runs in both C64 and C128 (80 column) mode
Pawn, The (Magenetic Scrolls/Rainbird)
- text/graphics adventure
- "The 128 version runs in native 128 mode, has better graphics, and a choice
of 40- or 80-column display" (Commodore Magazine - July 1987, page 4)
( ... /cm787.htm)
Planetfall (Solid Gold) (Infocom)
- text adventure, runs in both C64 and C128 mode
Schwert Ska, Das (German) (Markt&Technik)
- text/graphics adventure
- uses 80 column screen for text, 40 column screen for graphics
Sherlock: The Riddle of the Crown Jewels (Infocom)
- text adventure, runs in both C64 and C128 mode
- ... riddle.htm
Trinity (Infocom)
- text adventure, C128 only
Wishbringer (Solid Gold) (Infocom)
- text adventure, runs in both C64 and C128 mode
Zork I (Solid Gold) (Infocom)
- text adventure, runs in both C64 and C128 mode


unknown_submarine_game (???)
- "There was a Submarine sim advertised in Compute!s Gazette and Run for
80 column mode (C128 only)"
( ... ode=source)

Commercial games (40 columns)

Kikstart II (Mastertronic)
- new tracks (more than C64 version), extra course features, new hazards
and a record table for each track
- ... art128.htm
Last V8 128, The (Mastertronic)
- containing an extra level and more digitised speech than the C64 version
- ... lastv8.htm
Mygly 128 (???)
- Pac-Man clone
- used copy for sale at:
Rocky Horror Picture Show 128 (CRL)
- more locations, better graphics and a few extra problems to overcome
- ... orshow.htm
Stratton 128 (CRL)
- more screens and more graphics than C64 version (Retro Gamer, issue 15)
- mentioned in Zzap 28, p. 107
Thai Boxing 128 (Anco)
- ???
Ultima V (Origin)
- start the C64 version in C128 mode to get ingame music


BMX Simulator 128 (???)
Borrowed Time (Interplay/Activision)
- ... rowed_Time
Echelon (Access Software)
- ... ode=source
Ferrari Formula One (Electronic Arts)
- The original of Electronic Arts Ferrari Formula One works both in C128 and
C64 mode. If you play it in C128 mode you can make it run a little bit
faster than in C64 mode by pressing F1. This is the only difference between
them though, If I rememeber correctly.
Gato (Spectrum Holobyte)
- announced in 64er SH 1/86, p. 123
Great War, The (Free Spirit Software)
- ... ode=source
Mr. Quizzer (Free Spirit Software)
Old Scores (Global Software)
- graphics adventure, onscreen map on C128
- ... Old_Scores
Tau Ceti (CRL)
- ... ode=source
Three Musketeers, The (Computer Novels?)
Graham Goochs Test Cricket (Audiogenic)
- "Test Cricket" ( ... d=1008&p=1)
Thunderchopper (ActionSoft)
- "a chopper sim, cant remember the name"
- ... ode=source
Transylvania (Penguin Software Inc)
- ... e_Inc.html
Up Periscope! (Actionsoft)
- ... ode=source
Wheel & Deal 128 (Free Spirit Software)

Budget games

Bundesliga (German) (Softwarevertrieb Scheiba)
- mentioned in 64er 10/1987
Cloneimals (
- 80 column horizontally scrolling Shootem Up
- distributed throught the internet/ (
Hacker 128 (German) (Softwarevertrieb Scheiba)
- mentioned in 64er 10/1987
Krimistunde (German) (Softwarevertrieb Scheiba)
- mentioned in 64er 10/1987
Maidstone Quest (SilvaSoft)
- "This exciting 80 column animated adventure game has 28 levels to search for
clues and weapons you need to destroy Ganef and recover the Maidstone. Made
by Silvasoft. Requires 64k vdc 1571 or a 128D (1571 built in), 80 column rgb
- ... ode=source
- "Maidstone Quest is a BASIC 8 game" ( ... 80071.html)
Space Connection (Crown-Soft)
- advertised in 64er 12/87, p. 15
Space Pirates 128 (Micro Designs)
- 40 column space opera written in Basic 7.0
- distributed through
Starship Battles 128 (Micro Designs)
- 40 column turn based strategy written in Basic 7.0
- distributed through
Vagabunden (German) (Crown-Soft)
- ?? column graphic adventure
- advertised in 64er 11/87, p. 91
Vegas (German) (Softwarevertrieb Scheiba)
- mentioned in 64er 10/1987
Wall Street (German) (Softwarevertrieb Scheiba)
- mentioned in 64er 10/1987

C64 games that utilise the C128

Alleykat (Hewson)
- adds more sprites to the Katerkillar
- more bullets on screen
- more effects on the title screen
Baccys Night Demo (Freeware)
- first person shooter
- docs: 22% speed increase
Elite 128 (FireBird, hacked)
- hacked and improved version of the 1985 original
- manual: 22% speed increase
Flight Simulator II (SubLogic)
- requires a patch published by "Commodore Disk User Magazine"
- patch allows you to switch between normal and fast mode, which
increases the frame rate by 20% to 25%
Gunship (Microprose)
- manual: boots in C128 mode
- manual: speed increase
Heavy Metal Paradroid (Hewson)
- smoother scrolling at (perhaps?) 50 hz
MOOD Preview (Freeware)
- first person shooter
- 22% speed increase
Morpheus (Graftgold)
- manual: "15% more Morphai at no extra cost"
Project Stealth Fighter (MicroProse)
- "improved graphic speed and smoothness when run on a c128" (Retro Gamer,
issue 15)
Stealth Mission (SubLogic)
- "improved graphic speed and smoothness when run on a c128" (Retro Gamer,
issue 15)
Test Drive II (Accolade)
- "uses vertical blanking to display its filled 3d graphics" (Retro Gamer,
issue 15)
Thrust Gold (Firebird, hacked)
- hacked version
- unknown improvements
Uridium+ (GraftGold/Hewson)
- "Uridium Plus looks almost totally identical when running on a C64 or a C128
in C64 mode (it isnt a native C128 program) and, if memory serves, the only
differences are a slight increase in the number of player bullets and a
marginally faster top speed for the Manta. When the game first starts it
works out what machine its talking to and the titles page will change to
say its a C128 at 2MHz.")
- 1) memory location $8d controls number of stationary background stars below
mothership - there are 9 normally, 14 if if PAL C128. Note that stars above/
below actual play area are free so they arent included in that count.
2) memory location $ee contains $0b instead of $05. $ee controls number of
player bullets. "> ee 0f" gives you maximum firepower. Funny to see that
game is made easier on C128 :D
"We need to build computers for the masses, not the classes",Jack Tramiel -cocbm1

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Re: Listado de juegos en modo 128

Mensajepor Silicebit » 16 Abr 2014 21:04

Creo que en esa lista pueden faltar dos juegos en 80 columnas que no están mal. Son Tetris 80 y Alien Invaders, aquí se pueden ver ambos.
El 6809 es el Rolls-Royce de los 8bits, el 6502 es el Mercedes, y el Z80 el SEAT 850. Sorry, but... I think different. :-P -0r1c -m3s3x -t4nd1 -cbmja YouTube

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Re: Listado de juegos en modo 128

Mensajepor ron » 16 Abr 2014 21:34

Tengo que poner orden en todo el caos de cosas que he venido recopilando estos años de C128. El hilo viene al pelo, ya era hora de meterle mano de nuevo al C128

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