Bus Error: una wiki de programación para Atari ST

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Bus Error: una wiki de programación para Atari ST

Mensajepor mike_01 » 05 Jun 2015 13:50

Acabo de encontrar esta web sobre programación y desarrollo para Atari ST, y me ha parecido interesante mencionarla:


This wiki is knowledge base for programmers who would like to know more about coding on 16/32 bit Atari computers with use of modern tools and compilers, but we also try to cover native tools. It contains instructions needed to set up working programming environment under Unix-like system: Linux (Ubuntu 32/64 bit or any other distribution if youre brave enough to compile tools from sources) or Cygwin (under Windows).
It will also provide general information about their usage with some useful hints. Additionally we will provide overview of native Atari tools (which can be used on real Atari hardware).
For absolute beginners we will try to point out some useful resources (books and tutorials). Things are much better than decades ago, because all the documentation is freely available now :-).

Additionally here you will find complete set of links and references to documentation, tutorials and books related to Atari computers with proper description and some additional notes from us. Most of them will be available for download directly from this wiki.

Tiene bastantes artículos interesantes de programación, y también algunos libros y documentos técnicos para descarga.

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Re: Bus Error: una wiki de programación para Atari ST

Mensajepor DyLucke » 05 Jun 2015 15:49

Un estupendo aporte. Muchas gracias.
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