STKIT PC-ST [ Rescatado de Internet ]

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STKIT PC-ST [ Rescatado de Internet ]

Mensajepor ron » 08 May 2015 20:21

URL Original:

Few years ago I build an Atari-ST kit on the PC. I can do ST program with my favour PC tools, and execute the code on a true atari via a link. I can download binaries on the ST at 110Kb/s and upload from it at 45Kb/s. (Well, generally you only need to download on the ATARI ST).

What you need:

The only things that you need are:

An atari STE (In fact a machine with the Numerical Joystick Port)
A PC under MS-DOS.
A special link designed by me.

Ok, if you dont have the first two things in the list you can go ahead. (Make your bed). For the theird one, Ive done a little sheme of the link. Do it as bellow:

sheme2.gif (26.14 KiB) Visto 487 veces

When its finished, here are all program you need:

STSYS2.ZIP (12Kb) : ATARI-Receive system program. PRG with full source code, 68000 debugger include
STS.ZIP (26Kb) : PC program sender, with full source code too.
GEN68.ZIP (42Kb) : PC 68000 Macro Assembler, written by Vincent Penne (Ziggy Stardust).
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Re: STKIT PC-ST [ Rescatado de Internet ]

Mensajepor groovydrifter » 09 May 2015 00:16

Interesante, un invento con sentido en un un mundo sin satandisk y cosas así.
-flirt Shut up and deal... (The Apartment, Billy Wilder, 1960)

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