SpudACE. Emulador de Jupiter Ace (2012) Richard Chandler

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SpudACE. Emulador de Jupiter Ace (2012) Richard Chandler

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SpudACE 0.314

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Is a new (2012) emulator written by Richard Chandler which will emulate the Jupiter ACE. Some features so far:
100% accurate Z80 emulation.
Drag and drop file loading.
File Formats supported .tap .wav .ace .txt
text file spooling
Accurate sound emulation.
Soft & hard rest.
Generate NMI
Save screenshot as a .bmp file
View modes 100%, 200% Full screen.
Tape browser
WAV browser
Snapshot save (.ACE)
Set screen colours white (Ace default), green or amber.
Folder locations for snapshots & taps (see Options > Folders)
Tools - SpudACE calculator
Save & Load configuration
Keyboard help window (see Tools > display keyboard)
View Registers
View Memory
View Disassembly
load files from command line
PC logging

Keyboard layout & Keys:

Full Jupiter Ace keyboard emulated.
PC shift keys = Ace shift key (shift+8 = ( , shift+9 = ) shift+0 delete )
PC CNTRL keys = Ace symbol shift (cntrl+3 = # ,cntrl+z = : )
PC ESC will pause / restart.
PC F2 - will run SpudACE at full throttle (no sound) PC F3 - SpudACE debug tools
PC F4 - full screen mode, when in full screen F4 reverts back to normal window screen




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