Compilador Basic para Sega Megadrive ? ? ?

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Compilador Basic para Sega Megadrive ? ? ?

Mensajepor carlosjuliopr » 10 Feb 2015 20:06

Navegando por ahi encontre esto:

BasiEgaXorz is a BASIC compiler for the Sega Genesis consoles. That means, by using this compiler, you can program in a form of BASIC language to create awesome programs, or games for your old Sega Genesis game console. The compiler will also compile CD ISOs for the Sega CD attachment, ROMs that can use the features of the 32x extension, and not to mention, creating ROMs for the regular console without attachements. Today, when most programmers think of the BASIC language, they think about Visual Basic. The language BasiEgaXorz uses is not like Visual Basic, and it certianly wasnt derived from it. This compiler is aimed for speed, so there are many things that cannot be dynamic within the environment, everything is stayed static (like variables for example, no such thing as REDIM). BasiEgaXorz is intended for a beginers platform in order to give an opportunity to make fun and simple games easy to make on an awesome gaming console!


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Compilador Basic Sega MegaDrive
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Re: Compilador Basic para Sega Megadrive ? ? ?

Mensajepor DyLucke » 11 Feb 2015 01:28

Dancresp ya tardas en meterle mano a esto!

Entiendo que habría muchos programas que se podrían portar a Megadrive con esta utilidad.

Excelente aporte Carlos.
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