Mistery. 200507 MiSTiSiDi. Atari ST. Nueva versión

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Mistery. 200507 MiSTiSiDi. Atari ST. Nueva versión

Mensajepor ron » 07 May 2020 20:29

Importante actualización para MiSTiSiDi de Slingshot.

Fixed two small bugs, and added a double bus speed switch: it can be turned on by selecting STeroids mode, or with the MegaSTe cache control. That means instead of implementing a cache, the whole bus speed is doubled. That has an advantage of not limited by a small cache size, but it works on the whole RAM area. Now in 16MHz mode + cache ON, the CPU can work in true double speed.

Enlace al core: https://github.com/mist-devel/mist-bina ... 200507.rbf

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